Wi-iQ Battery Monitoring Devices

  • Temperature warning advises you to stop using the battery as there is a risk of damage
  • Voltage imbalance informs you of any battery fault so you can seek help before a possible battery failure occurs
  • Low electrolyte level (when probe option fitted) advises when to top-up the battery
  • Data memory can store up to 2,555 cycles
  • Wireless capability with simple data download to PC, and a range up to 30 m (unobstructed space)
  • Memory can be downloaded and reset for short-term rentals and new contracts

Keeping your electric materials handling equipment on the move is fundamental to maintaining your business operating efficiently. To do this you need to understand that batteries are being charged correctly and are being discharged to the optimum level. If you get both these elements correct, you will reduce the number of battery recharges or battery changes on your trucks and maximise your up-time per machine.

EnerSys Wi-iQ and Wi-iQ2 battery monitoring devices communicate wirelessly with the charger and the computer. The devices are fitted to a main DC cable on the battery to monitor and record data of current, voltage, temperature and electrolyte level (via optional external sensor). The LEDs provide real time status of your battery’s condition. The information can be transferred to the PC via USB by wireless communication or to IQ charger ranges.

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