Ironclad Batteries

  • Increase productivity with up to 15% more power than conventional batteries
  • Maximise productivity with higher sustained voltages and longer run time
  • Longer design life of 1,800 cycles equates to an extra year of life in many applications
  • Reduce maintenance and operating costs

EnerSys has been manufacturing Ironclad batteries for the North American market for over 100 years. They’ve proven themselves to be reliable, rugged performers in many applications and work environments. They’re designed with our proven EnerSys square tube technology to deliver higher sustained operating voltages and rugged reliability for higher productivity and longer life.

Thanks to their unique square tubular, positive plate design using Cladex tubing, Ironclad batteries can run with higher specific gravities, which not only increase the power and run time but also lead to a longer service life. In addition, Ironclad batteries have a design life of 1,800 cycles, which equates to an extra year of life in many applications.

Ironclad batteries meet the demands of even the toughest, heavy-duty applications.

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