• Totally maintenance free – no topping up of water required
  • Opportunity charge whenever the truck is not used minimizes the need for spare batteries and battery changing
  • Suitable for multi-shifts operations which optimizes machine availability
  • Can be operated in PSOC (Partial State of Charge) to increase truck availability
  • Reduced carbon footprint and electricity consumption due to very low charge factor make them environmentally friendly

The success of the Thin Plate Pure Lead technology led to the development of a 2 volt cell range of Hawker XFC batteries to satisfy a wide range of material handling equipment requirements. With increased energy density and fast charge capability these maintenance free batteries can be used at any time and recharged whenever it is possible.

The cells are constructed using pure lead plates and are much thinner than lead calcium grids. Positive and negative plates are low impedance enabling high current flow in both discharge and recharge modes.The specific charging profile allows a rapid recharge in less than 4 hours from 60% DOD and opportunity charging as often as needed, without damaging the batteries.

Advanced communication with Hawker HF chargers, Life IQ™ and LifeSpeed IQ™, ensures long high performance and energy cost savings.

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