• Revolutionary 16V, front terminal designs
  • Specifically developed for UPS applications 550, 800 and 925 Wpc sizes
  • High power density
  • Optimum footprint and volume efficiency
  • Simplified installation, maintenance and replacement
  • Scales easily to large capacity UPS systems

ENERGIA batteries were developed for all motive power applications in low and normal duty applications, offering high quality and performances at a cost effective rate.

The batteries are lead-acid, in DIN sizes. Their robust construction is based on tubular technology with negative flat pasted plates. The separator is of the micro-porous type. Cell box and lid are made from high temperature resistant polypropylene and are heat-seal welded to prevent any electrolyte leakage.

A single-point watering system can be supplied on request, including battery filling system plugs and pipes to be installed onto the battery.

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