Computertrade was established in year 2000, in the city of Podujeva, 30 km North East from the Kosova’s capitol Prishtina. The lack of a specialized IT company in the town of over 100 000 inhabitants was one of the main reasons to undertake this step.

Initially Computertrade offered trainings from the Information Technology to the municipality staff and also to the citizens interested. Within short time Computertrade offered PC servicing and maintenance. 7 months after the establishment the company started selling IT equipment to the public institutions, private companies and citizens
Next step was to expand our operations in the capitol of Kosova where the central government is situated. Computertrade signed a 6 months contract with Ministry of Health (year 2004) in servicing and maintainance their IT equipment. This contract was extended for 2 years..
Same contract is signed with Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning.
Also from year 2004 we started providing IT and Communications equipment for many public institutions (Ministries, Post and Telecom of Kosova etc).

Company Details

  • Computertrade is based in Prishtina
  • Registered as Personal Business Enterprise in Ministry of Trade and Industry with Registration Number 80280912 and VAT nr 3006898
  • Computertrade has 5 Employees.
  • The Company has been growing its revenues every year
  • Our main target in the future is the public sector.

Expanding the portfolio

  • Since 3 years Computertrade is focused in Reserve and Motive Power is one of the fields that we already are in. Big efforts are being made that Reserve and Motive Power becomes our backbone business.

We are delighted to express the fact the we do represent ENERSYS in the territory of Republic of Kosovo. Enersys is a world leader in Reserve and Motive Power. More about Enersys please find in the official website www.enersys.com.


Some of our costumers for stationary batteries in the telecom sector:

  • IPKO
  • FSK (Army)
  • IQ to Link
  • PTK

Costumers from the motive power sector:

  • “ELKOS”
  • “BUÇAJ”
  • “LOREAL”

Other costumers include:

  • Ministry of Health
  • Ministry of Force and Security of Kosova
  • Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning
  • Ministry of Education
  • University of Pristina
  • Economical Chamber of Kosova
  • Municipality of Podujeva
  • United Nations Mission in Kosova
  • Ministry of Internal Affairs – Kosovo Police
  • Kosovo Veterinary and food Agency etc
  • Imperial Tobacco Kosovo

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